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The Multitude of Seeing III and IV


Painting 2017. UK.
Materials: Oil on Canvas
100cm x 100cm


The oil paintings A Multitude of Seeing (2016 - 2017) were made through multiple stages of transferring what I see onto canvas. A Multitude of Seeing III and IV were site specific to Harts Lane Studio Gallery, venue for the exhibition Room 101. I took pictures of the neighbourhood of the gallery at New Cross Gate, then projected some these images onto the wall of the exhibition space. I subsequently took pictures of the projection in the room, followed by painting selected elements from the pictures onto canvas. The paintings were finally shown in the actual space again hence adding another layer of 'seeing' into the work. 



The Multitude of Seeing I and II


Painting 2016. UK.
Materials: Oil on Canvas
50cm x 40cm


The oil paintings A Multitude of Seeing (2016) were made through multiple stages of transferring what I see at IKLECTIK Art Lab, London where I work as an assistant. Inspired by my continuous experience in this place where I often see projections of found objects projected onto walls as backdrops to musical concerts, I transferred these theatrical sceneries onto canvases. Combining projected images and real objects like structural beams, tables and chairs, things are re-presented in distorted perspectives. In the exhibition The Weather Forecast 2016, these paintings were shown in the actual space IKLECTIK where the series of work was inspired by, hence adding another layer into the work based on the concept of seeing through the eyes of the viewers.



Nodes, Lines, Destinations and Others


Drawings 2014 - Present. Ongoing. UK.
Materials: Graph paper, paper, fine liners and fluorescent colour
Dimensions variable

Each random node is a destination. Every line is a journey. Sometimes they are intercepted by others.



Square One Series


Drawings 2010 - Present. Ongoing. UK.
Materials: Pencil on paper
Dimensions variable

I use squares as the basic units to build these drawings. Squares signify unity. By using a ruler to measure out the dimensions of the squares, I incorporate measurements and geometry into the work. It is both mechanical and expressive.





Painting 2006. HK.
Materials: Oil on Canvas
50cm x 40cm

People as chess. Are lives destined? We could be the chess and we could be the hand behind.





Paintings 2005. HK.
Materials: Oil on Canvas
40cm x 40cm

Paintings based on sketches made of paper collages.