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Nodes, Lines, Destinations and Others II

Drawing Installation. 2015. UK
Materials: Duct Tapes
Dimensions variable

This is an extension of the pencil drawings under the same name. See descriptions in the page Drawing & Painting.



Never Fallen

Objects. 2015. UK
Materials: Tree branches, books and ropes
Dimensions variable

Paper come from trees originally so the books were merged back with their parental materials.



Diffusion of Happy Rice Bags

Objects. 2011. UK
Materials: Used tea bags, images, rice and thread
Dimensions variable

I collected used tea bags over a period of time. the tea bags were emptied and then filled with rice. I created a new tag using the image of the Queen.

This piece of work was shown at the exhibition Hong Kong Whispers. It signifies the diffusion of one culture into another, which is a global phenomenon. Hong Kong, being a city that has English history, is a place where cultures cross.


A Cemetery of Words

Installation 2010. UK.
'Trident Way 2: A Southhall Riot', Departure Gallery, London
Materials: Books
Dimensions variable


Healing Broken Clouds

Installation 2009. UK.
Materials: Broken crockery, crockery and cotton wool
200cm(W) x 250cm(D) x 220cm(H)

Pieces of crockery were smashed in order to form cracks, which become part of the materials. The cotton wool provides a contrast to the hardness of the crockery, yet the two materials possess the same colour. Above the frame, some unbroken crockery pieces are standing on the edge as if they are waiting to fall and to be healed.

The initial idea of the work came from the word 'china'.
Split and re-united.


Fragility in a Box I

Installation 2009. UK.
Materials: Egg shells, light box and photographic images of women's eyes
Dimensions variable


Fragility in a Box II

Installation 2009. UK.
Materials: Egg shells, cardboard box and photographic images of women's eyes
Dimensions variable

The work was set in a warehouse in Rotherham as part of the Art Prize Exhibition by Departure Gallery, UK.



Installation 2009. UK.
Materials: Books, table and windows
Dimensions variable

The context affects how we understand things and read meanings. Books and text become objects that dissolve into the surroundings.


The River of Identity

Installation 2008. HK.
Materials: Objects, boxes, reflective glass panels and LED lights
300cm(L) x 30cm(W) x 70cm(H)

Boxes contain objects from the past. The objects have either history, cultural or personal significance. Lights in each box go on and off at different orders, signifying memories of the past being ephemeral.


Binary Encoding of the Soul

Installation 2008. HK.
Materials: Photographic images and lights
Approx. 300cm x 200cm