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In Search of [...] Code for Undoing

Moving Images 2018. UK / HK.
Materials: Video
Dimensions: Variable

A video of about 17 minutes long was produced as part of the Water Modulation Festival in Hong Kong. It was the first attempt in turning my line drawings into moving images. The work was then interpreted by sound artist Red Pig Flower (South Korea/Berlin) and dancer Kim Geun Young (South Korea) during two live performances at the McAuley Studio Theatre in Hong Kong. Producer: Makin Fung Bing Fai (Hong Kong).


The video is comprised of 4 Acts together with a Preface. Act 1: Blossom, Act 2: Industrialisation, Act 3: Poison Rain, Act 4: The Code. The narrative starts with a seed which blossoms into red flowers with the showering of clean rain. However, under excessive construction the rain slowly becomes poisonous and eventually kills the red flowers. Through the last Act The Code, I put forward a question: can we find a code to undo damages to the environment that are brought about by human interventions?




Digital Photography 2007. Macau.
Materials: Self portrait and objects



Demolition of the Past

Digital Photography 2007. HK.

Photograph was taken in May 2007, just before the Queen's Pier in Hong Kong was demolished. The Queen's portrait is a photographic transfer print (Van Dyke print).



Queen - Kettle - Radio

Digital Photography 2006. HK.

The Queen's portrait was found in an old disposed file cabinet given to me by a friend who got it from the government office that she worked in. I juxtaposed it with parts of a dismantled radio and a kettle.